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National Representative Ian Poole

Ian Poole is our National Representative .

Ian takes any issues that cannot be resolved Regionally to a National level.

He meets with Asda on a regular basis at the National Forum meetings where discussion and lively debate takes place.  He then reports back to the Reps and continues to resolve the ongoing matters.

Ian visits Asda Stores within the Birmingham and West Midlands Region and meets with the General Store Managers and People Trading Managers.

if you see  Ian at your Store make sure you introduce yourselves and have a chat with him about any ongoing issues in Store.  He will be pleased to meet you.

Look Out for more in depth articles about our Branch Committee Members and Reps.

We will also be offering information on your Representatives and giving you an insight to their role within the GMB.

Look out for more soon!!

Posted: 7th August 2015

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